Stunning Tech Demo Made Using Single Texture

Artist Tor Frick is the sole man responsible for the Unreal Engine tech demo you see above. If you just watch it, it looks lovely, but also looks like nothing out of the ordinary.


It’s only when you find out he made it using a single 256x512 texture that you go “wow”.

For reference, in most games an environment like the one in the video would be comprised of dozens, if not hundreds of textures. Yet by using just one (which you can see here), and selectively applying it to go with fancy lighting effects, he can dress an entire science lab in it.

There are hi-res images at the link below showing the lab in more detail.

Scifi Lab [Torfrick]

Amazing One-Texture Environment [UDK]



*checks date*

I saw... a number of textures on there. The holographic displays, for instance, could not have POSSIBLY been the same texture as the inside of the door. Same with the writing. Those are all textures. That map that's up on the window is a texture.

Perhaps it was all made of 256x512 textureS in the plural (the textures are simple enough it's possible to get more out of smaller textures), and perhaps there were very FEW textures used, but there is more than one texture there.

You're right. I don't believe it. They honestly have to put that "one texture" up to show how the different surface I mentioned all came from one texture.