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Studio Pirates Its Own Game, Because Why The Hell Not

Illustration for article titled Studio Pirates Its Own Game, Because Why The Hell Not

Vitali Kirpu and Alex Poysky, the developers behind Pixel Piracy, have "pirated" a copy of their own game, offering a free torrent download on their site. Because if you can't beat 'em, appeal to their sense of decency.


"We aren't idiots, we aren't high", they write on the game's site. "We believe that anyone who wants to pirate our game will do so anyways, and feel it's a much safer bet to offer those people the official link to our game in hopes that they keep their computer's virus free." It's as much an act of promotion (the game is about piracy, after all) as it is appealing to people's sense of decency, but this isn't Call of Duty we're talking about here. No publisher or team of lawyers is going to care one way or another how it all pans out. If these guys can bait people into trying their full game for free then paying up later if they like it, best of luck to them.

Pixel Piracy [Site, via Indie Statik]

Pixel Piracy [Steam Greenlight]

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I pirated Deus Ex:Human Revolution, because I wasn't sure I'd like it.

I loved it so much, halfway through the game, I went out and bought it.