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Studio Ghibli's Game Getting A Western Release

Illustration for article titled Studio Ghiblis Game Getting A Western Release

Ni no Kuni, a joint project being worked on by Level 5 and animation legends Studio Ghibli, will be released in Western markets, Level 5's CEO has confirmed.


Speaking with Nintendo Power, Akihiro Hino says that his company is looking at increasing the number of games released in the US and Europe, with specific examples including football RPG series Inazuma Eleven and Ni no Kuni, which is due to appear on both the DS and PlayStation 3.


Inazuma might do OK now that its accompanying anime series is being shown in the West, but it's Ni no Kuni that most of you will be excited about.

[Nintendo Power Magazine, via Joystiq]

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Thank you for saying football RPG and not 'soccer' RPG.

What the fuck is a soccer anyway.