Studio Ghibli Gold Box On Amazon Today

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It's not the first time Amazon has run a gold box on Studio Ghibli's amazing catalog, but this is the best, most complete one so far, and features the option of saving on Blu-ray/DVD combos if that's your style. Classics like My Neighbor Totoro and Howl's Moving Castle are marked down to $20/each, along with a few of the newer films, and don't neglect one of my unsung favorites, Whisper of the Heart. [Amazon]

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I love Ghibli, but I hate Disney's pricing of their works. Apparently because they're meant for children, that allows them to price jack the movies. How on earth is $20 for a bluray a sale? The MSRP is supposed to be $40 (though they're usually sold around $30, I guess). $20 is the standard price for a regular, non-limited edition/ collector's edition bluray with limited features, yet for the Ghibli films it's the lowest they'll go.

I'm not trying to sound overly miserly here, especially since Ghibli films are some of my favorites, but I just think Disney has utterly mishandled their job in marketing Ghibli as a whole. They say there's no demand, but price it out of the range most consumers are willing to pay for a movie. They say no one wants to see the Ghibli films in theaters, yet they rarely go for a wide release to begin with and when they do the marketing isn't there to support it. If Disney were a smaller company, I would understand someone arguing that it's a Catch 22, since they can't afford to price them lower unless they were purchased in much higher quantities, but this is Disney. They own Marvel - whose movies they sell at a considerably cheaper price, and most people I know enjoy those prices (although from what I understand Marvel is relatively Autonomous) - and they make billions.

It's not hard to get people to like Ghibli movies once they've actually watched them, and Totoro and other films have phenomenal merchandising potential (if you've ever been to Japan you'll know what I mean, Ghibli plushies and toys and chopsticks and umbrellas and playing cards and etc.), so I really wish Disney would treat them better.

Side note: Is the transfer of films to bluray considerably lengthier if they're animated? Or is this just a slow staggered release? I don't understand why Spirited Away et. al aren't all on Bluray yet, or why I can't just by a massive bluray collection of all their films like the Bond 50 collection.