Students Explore Multi-Touch Gaming With Oculusia

This is a video of a game called Oculusia, created by a group of University students at the Aalborg University Copenhagen as part of their bachelor thesis. The game involves protecting sea sponges along the sides of the table from the one-eyed boss in the center by shooting at it, using a deflection paddle to defend the sponges from the boss attacks as well as other players' missed shots. Thomas Miksa, one of the students involved, sent us this video, along with a bit of explanation.

We believe that multi-touch will be everywhere in a few years, already seeing it now with Jeff Han's Perceptive Pixel, Microsoft's Surface, and the iPhone. When the multi-touch platform develops further and end in the hands of more consumers, they would want to play games on it. Oculusia is one exciting example of how these can be designed and implemented.


In case creating the game wasn't enough of an achievement, Thomas notes that they also built the table itself. Damn fine work gentlemen!



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f*cking sh*tty video sharing service.

I recommend media.putfile... not great, but they have lots of stuff there.