​String Quartet Makes Smash Bros. Match Super-Classy

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You expect to hear shouting, gasps and trash talk during a fighting game competition. But violins, viola and cello? Not so much. Kinda makes it feel like someone should be serving tea and crumpets…

The guys pulling bows in tandem are the Triforce Quartet, a foursome that specializes in performing video game music re-arranged for string quartet. Here, they're playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme music while beatdowns happen at the same time. This video comes from a meet-up organized by StreetPass Princeton and, I have to say, that the whole thing comes across as incredibly posh.


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Does it bother anyone else that they call themselves the "Triforce Quartet"? How can you name yourself after an item that has three parts and be composed of four people??