Right now, there isn’t a whole lot of story mode in Street Fighter V. One fan of Capcom’s latest fighting game has taken it upon himself to make his own version of plot-centric content around the game’s characters. And he’s doing it in a very cool way.

The vignettes being created by YouTuber sigmaG19 are short but show off a clever way to thread his own narrative through captured gameplay footage. From the description of the video:

Not a combo video, just an idea/concept I had after playing the “not so hype” story mode and... just playing SF V in general.

Really thought they could have put a little bit more effort into the in-game cut scenes, just to make it a bit more entertaining to play, while we wait until June.

There were things I’d liked to see them do with the characters, that wouldn’t have required any more new models or animations, but could still look cool, if they really wanted to be lazy/cheap about it (not saying they were). This is my attempt to show those things, albeit poorly done. :-)


“Satsui No Hadou” expands a bit on the already extant traits and relationships seen between F.A.N.G., M. Bison, Rashid and Ryu. It’s a way of adding a little more to the lore. There’s not as much storytelling ambition in the “Sonic Move” clip below but it’s very cool how his edits use cuts and transitions to create a sense of on-going battle.

I didn’t even notice the characters changing at first but, when I did, it blew me away. Excellent work.

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