Street Fighter Pro's Home Damaged After Freak Explosion [Update]

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Image: Torimeshi
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In Fukushima, Japan, a restaurant blew up in a freak accident. Street Fighter player Torimeshi, who signed a pro gaming contract last fall, lived right next door. In the above image, posted by Torimeshi, the red circle is his room. Thankfully, he was not at home with the restaurant blew up.


Update 08/02/20 - 5:43 am: Over 800,000 yen was raised for Torimeshi through donations from viewers watching the charity Street Fighter V tournament to help the pro rebuild after the explosion.

This is what the area looked like prior to the explosion.

As posted above, here is an overhead helicopter shot of the area after the explosion.

Torimeshi posted this image of what his room looked like. Thank goodness he wasn’t home!

As Mainichi reports, it’s suspected a gas leak at a restaurant that was undergoing renovation caused the explosion, which sadly injured 19 construction workers, tragically leaving one person dead.


According to the Street Fighter pro, his home is so damaged that he cannot currently live in it.


The restaurant had insurance, which will help Torimeshi. In the meantime, a “Torimeshi Cup” tournament will be held to help him in this time of need.

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“For you, the day your house exploded was the most important day in your life. For me, it was Thursday.”