Street Fighter Mod Lets You Kick Ass As Commander Shepard

Who knew that Mass Effect would work so well as a fighting game?

Here's a mod highlighted by PC Best Mods that shows Femshep duking it out with Tali, because video games are amazing and weird.


The Shepard has the moveset available to Street Fighter's Poison, and Tali is technically Cammy, but still! You can download this mod here, for Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PC.

Oh, and Jack from Mass Effect is totally a Street Fighter mod, too—she uses Juri's moveset:

This second mod is particularly cool, because Jack has three weapons available to her: the M-23 Katana Shotgun, the M-6 Canifex Pistol, and M-98 Widow Sniper. You can download the Jack mod here for both Street Fighter X Tekken and SF4AE.

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