Street Fighter IV Ultra Combos Look Ultra Cool In Real Life

When Street Fighter IV's ultra combos are recreated in the real world, is the result silly looking or totally bad-ass? As "action company" Thousand Pounds, demonstrates, it's somewhere in the middle.


Watch as Vonzell Carter, James Young and David 'Dax' Bauer beat each other up with a series of dramatic, slow motion death blows lifted (in style and presentation, at least) from Street Fighter IV. Can you guys do Zangief's ultra next?

Ultra Combos #1 - Thousand Pounds [YouTube via Reddit]



I realized that pretty much all the games I have are shooters, and am looking into buying Street Fighter 4. But I am confused whether to get Street FIghter 4 or Super street fighter 4? Is it worth the extra money? I really dont understand wat the difference is