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Street Fighter IV PC Gets Control Pad Bundle

Illustration for article titled Street Fighter IV PC Gets Control Pad Bundle

Street Fighter IV is coming to the PC. PCs use a mouse and keyboard. For Street Fighter IV, that's, uh, not exactly ideal. So smartly, Capcom will be releasing a control pad bundle.


Of course, for those already planning on using their own controller (or who are happy using a keyboard), you can just pick up the game for $40. But for $60, as expected, Capcom will also be selling the game with a packed-in Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Fight Pad, which while useless for most other games, is tailored perfectly for Street Fighter IV.


Both versions of the PC edition will be out on July 7, though PAL customers note, the Mad Catz bundle won't be available in stores in Europe or Australasia, so you'll have to order it online.

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Keyboards are TOTALLY ideal for fighters, just don't expect whole circles.

I'll be picking this up anyways. I'm gonna get mah ZSNES on with that game pad.