What did Ryu do? Why is he grovelling? Because of a new series of collectible figurines.

As noted by Twitter user Bruce Hsiang, the series is called "Dogeza Strap" (土下座ストラップ), and the straps are for your smartphone or portable game devices.

"Dogeza" (土下座) is a type of bowing that's typically reserved for bowing before incredibly powerful people or for when asking for a huge favor, or even for forgiveness after a serious fuckup. As previously mentioned, it's "I'm sorry" for when simply saying "I'm sorry" won't cut it.


In the past, little bowing salaryman figurines have been released as well as bowing Kinnikuman characters.


The Street Fighter II bowing figurines will go on sale this July in Japan for 300 yen (about $3) a piece. That price tag is certainly worth an apology.

Holy Sxxx !!!! I want this !!!!!!!! [@Bruce Hsiang ゲマビ]

Photos: JunnosukeFujita, masyumallooooow, 1414ever1414

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