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You got issues with Street Fighter IV? Backbone's David Sirlin - one of the designers who worked on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - got issues with Street Fighter IV.


Writing on his own blog, Sirlin takes objection to everyone banging on and on about how easy and accessible Street Fighter IV is:

When I read about the 100/100 scores, I see again and again how "simple and elegant" the game is. Two super meters, a 3-tier focus attack system, and all the complications above seem to fly in the face of that. Even more though, I hear how "casual friendly" it is. This is deeply mysterious and I'm not sure why this so often claimed. Not every game has to be casual friendly, so it would seem more honest to just explain how casual unfriendly all these things are. Qcf x 2 +PPP all the time, extra button presses to throw, extra button presses to roman cancel, and many, many extremely difficult link combos work in concert to create that impenetrable wall of execution between you and the actual game (the interaction between you and your opponent). I wish we could get rid of all this stuff and focus more on the gameplay itself.


Funniest part isn't how upset he is over such a thing (nor that he's not actually comparing SFIV to his own game), but how right he is!

A Few Things About Street Fighter 4 [Sirlin, thanks everyone!]

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