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Street Fighter 6 Announced, And Ryu Is Wearing Sandals

Hot Ryu is now Sandal Ryu as the character sports some footware

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A close-up of Ryu's foot in a sandal.
Ryu wears straw tie-on Japanese sandals.
Screenshot: Capcom/Ian Walker/Kotaku

Capcom’s countdown site has ended and has announced Street Fighter 6. The debut teaser trailer shows some close-ups of a bearded Ryu’s muscles and sweaty body—as well as his foot-wearing sandal.

And who doesn’t like Hot Ryu? And some Ryu Sandal Foot?

Street Fighter 6 was first revealed in the ransomware attack back in late 2020. The game currently does not have a release date or officially announced platforms. We do know that former Capcom staffer Yusuke Hashimoto, who was also previously at Platinum Games where he directed Bayonetta 2, is one of the designers on the upcoming Street Fighter.


You can watch the debut teaser trailer below in which Ryu faces off against Luke:

Mildly observant fans will notice that in other Street Fighter games, Ryu is barefoot. But now in the game’s sixth mainline entry, he has sandals. Progress!

This is actually somewhat of a big deal, because barefoot Ryu has been somewhat of a thing. Here’s the Street Fighter Wiki’s roundup on the character’s stance on shoes:

According to some of his Street Fighter IV win quotes, Ryu can afford shoes, but prefers walking barefoot (possibly for comfort).

In UDON’s comics, while tutoring and helping Sakura, Ryu brushes upon this matter as well, saying that traveling barefoot is helpful in building one’s character.

Furthermore, in the English version of Street Fighter X Tekken, his win quote against Guy reveals that he considers the idea of rethinking his stance on shoes.


(You can read the rest of the Wiki right here.)

Now, Ryu did wear red shoes in the first Street Fighter game, so he’s not completely adverse to the concept of them.

Maybe he has just been waiting for a good pair of sandals. And now, he’s found them. What other Ryu character development does Street Fighter 6 hold? We’ll have to wait until whenever the game drops.