Streamers Suspended After Call Of Duty Actor & Community Catch Them Cheating

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Screenshot: @Alex_zedra

Streamer Alex Zedra—the face behind an actual character in Call of Duty—was hosting some Warzone the other day, when she and her community noticed some pretty suspect behaviour on display from the two people they were watching. People who’ve since had their Twitch channels suspended for cheating.


As PC Gamer report, Zedra was hosting Sarah “Icy Vixen” Belles and BeardedBanger when it was noticed that both players were using aimbots and wallhacks. An example is below, where Belles is lining up players over a hill that she shouldn’t have known were there:

While initially denying the allegations, both Belles and BeardedBanger have since had their channels suspended.

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Jamie White

Just got back into CSGO 6 years after taking a break, only played a handful of times in the years since. After a week of playing solidly, I have to say I’m absolutely done with the game. It has been so toxic and infested with suspect players, some subtle, others not so much.

So I’ve gone from Fortnite to Apex to Warzone to Escape From Tarkov and back to CSGO, each time the toxicity has dragged me down and the cheating has driven me away. There’s just no escape. I go into every encounter under the assumption that the other person is cheating. But that’s no way to be and it just isn’t fun.

The sad truth is, there’s one permanent solution to the cheaters and toxicity, don’t play any online games that have PVP and social aspects.