Streamer Finds Extremely Rare Pokémon, Freaks Out

Sometimes, with everything on fire and no end in sight, it’s nice to have a wholesome moment to remind us there are still beacons of light in this cruel world. I think this clip of Twitch streamer AjentVee getting super mega ultra excited over finding a rare Pokémon fits the bill. Let’s watch.




Wait…you don’t get it? Not a Pokémon fan?

Okay, sorry, let me break it down for you because it’s wild.

AjentVee has spent the last month or so tracking down a “shiny” Sinistea in Pokémon Sword and Shield as part of her overall goal to catch an entire Pokédex’s worth of these elusive, alternatively colored pocket monsters. But that’s not all: She also wanted her Sinistea to be “authentic,” which means that it’s one of the select few members of its species with a rare mark on the bottom of its teacup.

This shot from AjentVee’s stream shows the small authenticity mark on the bottom of Sinistea’s cup.
This shot from AjentVee’s stream shows the small authenticity mark on the bottom of Sinistea’s cup.
Screenshot: AjentVee

This means that every time AjentVee encountered a Sinistea, there was a one in 500,000 chance it would be both “shiny” and “authentic.” By her own estimation, it only took 4,000 attempts, so I’d say she got off lucky! Not only that, but the Sinistea that ended up being authentic was the first shiny she encountered that day, and at just 11 minutes into her stream at that.

Oh, and AjentVee was able to tell it was authentic on the inventory screen because only authentic Sinistea evolve with the Chipped Pot item, hence the “compatible” that appears under the Pokémon on the left-hand side of the screen. The fake varieties use a Cracked Pot instead. And evolving this shiny, authentic Sinistea will give her a shiny, authentic Polteageist, too. Two birds with one stone!

I couldn’t help but smile watching AjentVee celebrate her discovery, and I hope it does the same for you as we head into the weekend.

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