Strap Your Phone To An RC Car To Hatch Pokémon Go Eggs

More effective than toy trains and more humane than strapping your phone to the dog, radio-controlled cars seem like an excellent to way to hatch Pokémon Go eggs. Aside from actually walking, of course.


Worn out after a long day of actually walking, YouTube RC car enthusiast Theibault combined his passion for tiny vehicles with his drive to catch them all, and it seems to be working out nicely.

Since Pokémon Go uses GPS tracking instead of an accelerometer for tracking distance traveled, shaking your phone will do you no good, and setting up a train track or other in-circles pursuits have to be pretty wide to register as movement. A good radio controlled vehicle has plenty of range, plus they can drive slowly enough that the game doesn’t see it as just being inside a car.


Plus RC cars are so much fun. You can even set up a remote access program so you can catch any critters the RC vehicle runs across.

Or, conversely, you could just walk. I don’t recommend it. It’s hard.

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The Palmtop Tiger

It’s worth mentioning that we now know that your GPS position is pinged every 60 seconds for egg hatching and that distance is measured in a straight line from your previous position to your current position. That means that if you went 30 seconds in one direction, then 30 seconds back to your original position that it would not register any movement at all. Similarly, if you make a lot of turns, it will register far less distance than what you actually traveled.

Also, it was previously thought that egg hatching had a speed limit. As it turns out, that limit is about 300 meters in those 60 seconds, after which, none of the distance traveled counts. So make sure you’re moving slower than 300 meters per minute (18 kph or ~11 mph.)