Straight From The Future, It's Crysis Running On A VR Headset

Well, actually not the future. The present. See, when first they announced the Oculus Rift VR headset, I thought, "Oh, virtual reality. I liked The Lawnmower Man. This should be weird."


Then, modder Nathan Andrews got the headset working with Half-Life 2, and I thought, "Oh, wow. Okay. I'd love to use this thing." Now he's done the same thing with the original Crysis, and watching the above video, my feelings are somewhat more refined: "Yep, I still want to play this thing. Also, I miss the first Crysis."


Behold, independent head and arm movement. Nifty. Andrews notes that he hasn't yet modded the crosshairs to track properly, which is why his aiming is a bit off. He's using a Mag II gun controller, which he says works well. If you want to see what it looks like with him wearing it, check out the Half-Life 2 video linked above.

So how far would you guys say we are from full-on Far Cry 3 cybersex here? A month? A couple months? Like, four months?

(H/T PC Gamer)

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Interesting, but to me one of the primary benefits to VR is that it should give you a lot more situational awareness than a square monitor does. In real life you have peripheral vision, as well as the ability to quickly glance over your shoulder. You can simulate peripheral vision on a computer by modifying the FOV, but you'll end up distorting things significantly—and there's no good video game substitute for spending a second swiveling your head and eyes around taking in your surroundings.

Since this appears to be running Crysis on standard settings with normal FOV, what we've got here is essentially a tiny monitor strapped to someone's face, minus the ability to look and aim in different directions.