Story of Seasons Producer Writes An Apology To Fans Over Bugs, Glitches, And Loading Times

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When Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town was released last month in Japan, fans complained of long load times, bugs, and glitches. Producer Dai Takemura addressed these issues on the game’s official blog and offers his apology.


On Twitter in Japan, the game was being described as “load hell”, with numerous load screens, some taking a long time. But these aren’t the only issues that people are reporting, others including choppy, sluggish gameplay, freezing, sinking into the terrain, floating food, and more.

“We’ve received many tough comments for not living up [to] expectations with bugs, long load times, and poor system issues that have made it difficult to get into the game,” Takemura wrote. “I am truly sorry.”

Dai added that he could feel all the passion that fans have for the franchise.

Continuing, he noted that this was the 25th anniversary of Story of Seasons. (In Japan, the games are Bokujo Monogatari and have also been localized as Harvest Moon internationally.) Releasing a problematic game doesn’t exactly sound like a good way to mark the milestone!

The producer acknowledged that there were shortcomings in the game.

“We are aware that the necessity of also examining ways to improve Story of Seasons is a big issue,” he wrote, adding that a “proper” update was coming. The team is urgently working on fixing issues, they say, and the update will be released in mid-March, aiming to shorten load times and fix the bugs.


Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town will be released in North America on March 23.

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