Stormrise Devs Talk Bringing RTS To Consoles

In the first in a series of developer diary videos for their upcoming console RTS Stormrise, developer The Creative Assembly discusses their unique approach to bringing the real-time strategy experience to consoles.


As well as delving into the back story of Stormrise, which involves two factions of post-apocalyptic humans battling on a world that;s tearing itself apart, producer director Ken Turner explains that rather developing a PC strategy title and figuring out how to port it, their approach involves developing developing console-based controls and then building a game around them. Their goal is to create a game that allows players speed and accuracy without sacrificing depth. It's a rather tall order, but with games like the Kingdom Under Fire franchise on the Xbox coming very close, I'd say it's definitely an attainable goal. Best of luck, Creative Assembly.

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Hmm I got a few friends who believe RTS games are not meant for consoles, does anyone else agree?