As long as your treasures aren't too big, of course. These aren't full scale replicas. But they're awesome nonetheless.

The designer is one Heather Marie, a Pennsylvania-based craftsman, who sells the chests through her Etsy shop at $80 a piece. They are hand-made using quarter-inch pine plywood, with engraved decorative designs on the exterior and a crushed velvet lining inside. They come in three flavors: Horde, Neutral, and Alliance.


As for dimensions, each chest is 7.75 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and 7 inches tall, so they're not exactly just paperweights—but they're not massive, either. Here's a few more photos to give you a better idea:

For more details and photos, head over to the chests' Etsy page.

World of Warcraft Treasure Chest [GeekofManyTrades@Etsy, kudos to Kali Henry]

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