Stop This Senseless Video Game Console War

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Why do we scream at each other? That's what commenter Manly McBeeferton wants to know in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, recalling a simpler time when we used to play video games instead of arguing about them.


Hardcore. Casuals. Gamers.

Lend me your ear.

It's time to put a stop to console wars. It's time to listen to other's opinions on games. It's time to come together and accept each other for sharing a common interest.

In this day and age things are changing. Music is changing. Television is changing. and yes, even Games are changing.

But that does not mean we have to split ourselves apart just because a certain genre isn't what it used to be, or because someone enjoys a game that is a competitor of your favorite game in a certain genre.

Gamers as a whole need to stick together. If we fight each other off we're going to go at war with each other. Competition is good, but do we need to hate each other?

So what, someone plays on an Xbox360? So what, someone plays on a Wii? So what, someone plays on a PS3?


They're still sharing an interest with you. Video games.

Remember when you were a kid and you would go to your friend's house to play their games because they had a console you didn't have? Have you forgotten the joys that console gave you, even though you didn't own it?


I remember when I was but a little beefy. I used to go to my cousin's house to play his Nintendo64. Back at my house we had a PS1. I loved both of these consoles even though they were competitors. They each offered something different for me, but the difference wasn't a bad thing. Not at all. Nintendo64 had fun childish games that kept me holding on to my younger years of youth. The PS1 had more serious games and some were more graphic. They scared me, but I still enjoyed it. Just as I still enjoyed the Nintendo64 games.

I never grew out of one and stuck to the other. I played both, enjoyed both for what they offered, and like that I had a variety of games to play. Sure there were some games I didn't enjoy, but I'm sure someone did and I can respect that.


So why can't we respect that this generation? PS3, Xbox360, Wii, even PC or handhelds. They're all good in their own ways. One may look better. Another may have franchises you know and love. The other may have features that you can use for more than just gaming.

But really, is any one console better than the other? Is any game truly better than another?


Maybe you just want to spread your love for a certain game or console. If so, then why do it in such a harsh manner? Be kind and tell someone the details. Don't tell them that your way is the only way to go. Try to acknowledge that they enjoy what they play for a reason, just as you enjoy what you play for your own reasons. Ease them into the things you like and you may change someone's opinion, but being rude isn't getting anyone anywhere and it's only tearing us apart.

So please. Educate your fellow gamers. Don't make them rage quit.

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The reason I went and bought a 360 over a PS3 had a significant amount to do with every 360 owner going "well, I have a 360 and I like it; I think it has some awesome games, like Halo 3 and Forza and stuff, plus, I really enjoy XBLA 'cause it's got some cool games, but whatever you want is cool, bro. Oh, and Natal seems really cool."

On the flip side, the PS3 owners were insulting me simply because I considered a 360. They said stuff like "it's all 12 year olds and Halo and stupid games and there are no real games on it and it's what frat boys play and they die all the time and you're stupid why would you be so retarded you want real games!"

That and the fact that I have yet to play a PS3 exclusive that I actually consider a good game (PC gamer, here, and 360 titles are closer to my standards, for whatever reason) were major factors in my decision to buy a PS3 first.

When I did get a PS3, and it died on the first day, the PS3-owning friends I had started insulting me and saying I was using it wrong, because PS3's never break. When the second PS3 broke, they insulted me yet again, blaming me for it, because their system is so goddamn perfect. -_-

So... in my experience? Almost every single PS3 fan is a raving fanboy (the fangirls seem cool, though) who feels the need to insult absolutely everything that isn't Sony, as well as my favorite genres, RTS, cRPGs, and Shooters, and basically everything I like about video gaming, and I just don't want to be around that.

I'm sure this isn't a factual sample of the PS3-owning public, but it is my experience.

The PS3 seems like a cool piece of hardware, and I'd like to own one that works. Despite its huge drawbacks, I think it does some things really well, and would like to own one again, but goddamn, Sony's fans are really off-putting.