Sega is making a new Yakuza game! Pretty much all we know is that it's a Yakuza game, and it's for the PS3 and PS4. You know what else we know? Porn stars.

Yakuza is one of the biggest PlayStation exclusive franchises in Japan. These games are incredibly popular and feature big-name talent. More importantly, they feature incredible voice acting and are well-directed. Just watch this.

In an interview with Famitsu, Sega producer Masayoshi Yokoyama said that the upcoming title will be "a game that men can most enjoy." Um... Alrighty! Part of that assumption, it seems, is holding an online election for "sexy actresses" to appear in the game. By that, they mean adult video stars.


The game's website has one hundred "sexy actresses" that Yakuza fans can vote for. The ten porn stars who get the most votes will be appearing in the game. The Yakuza site says that if you become friendly with them in the upcoming game, you'll get a "secret video." Note that you can only apparently vote for up to five candidates per day.

Not everyone in Japan is thrilled with the porno lady pandering! "Japanese-made games are so creepy," wrote one commenter on Japanese game site Hachima. "This is a creepy game," wrote another commenter. "Truly creepy," chimed in another. However, many other commenters were delighted by the election, even asking for recommendations for who they should vote for. "This is good, too good," wrote another commenter.


In the past, Sega has had nightclub hostesses, models, and a couple of porn stars appear in the Yakuza games. Considering how porn studio Soft on Demand is "presenting" this election and how most of the stars appear in SoD movies, this looks like Sega's most blatant porn collaboration to date.

Honestly, I don't think the Yakuza games need this, but I guess the argument could be made that at least Sega's being up front about this in-game sexualization? Or that it's being true to the Japanese underworld? To be fair, Sega is also holding auditions for handsome men to play in-game nightclub hosts. But instead of rolling out concrete info about the next Yakuza game, Sega is like, bam, here's a hundred porn stars, vote!

You know another thing we know about this game? Sega probably won't release it in the West.

最新作に出演するセクシー女優の人気投票を開催 [Ryu Ga Gotoku]

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