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Still on the fence about Tomodachi Life? Well, Nintendo just said that it's made a free demo of its new 3DS sim game available on the eShop. Check it out if you're one of those people who's still not sure you're ready to move on from Animal Crossing, and read our review here.


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Considering this is precisely what I posted about just yesterday (being on the fence and open to being persuaded either way), this is amazing news. I have a hunch I'll like it.... and despite the scattered reviews for it, I've heard that if you think you'll like it, you probably will....... but it still feels like a risky investment due to the multiple claims I've read that it's boring, repetitive, etc.

I am so glad they've made this available so folks like me on the fence can decide. I know I'll either love it, or quickly want no part of it..... so..... we'll see where I fall on that. I hope I enjoy it as many others have, and if so, will be buying the download, stat. Glad to see Nintendo releasing demos, especially for oddball titles like this. It also suggests a confidence in the game itself that feels good going in.