Still Not Sure What To Make Of Bodycount

Codemasters' Bodycount, the first-person shooter that was at one point headed by Black creator Stuart Black, but no longer, is a curious thing. It's part inspired by Lady Gaga and all about "the bullet and its impact on the world."

The latest trailer for Bodycount, due sometime during the summer of next year for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, doesn't give off a Gaga vibe—it is, at least, colorful in parts—but it does introduce a new enemy type. He must be the Cylon-esque type that lays waste to the most recognizable Bodycount character, the Psycho.


Do you know what to make of Bodycount? Is this on your radar?

Updated with correction.

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Anyone else beginning to see a new trend?

Bodycount, Bulletstorm, Brink, Fallout, Borderlands, Stalker, Metro 2033.

Is Mad Max ville going to be the new setting of choice to be milked dry?