Still A Chance Rage Can Hit Digital Distribution

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You know how id's John Carmack said that his company's upcoming shooter Rage just wasn't going to work in terms of digital delivery? And how you'd need to buy the game on a disc, like the olden days? Yeah, turns out he was wrong. id's Tim Willits has corrected his boss, telling 1UP:

John Carmack [id co-founder] made a comment about the media size, which unfortunately wasn't exactly correct because we haven't crossed that bridge yet. He said it was going to be too large to download, and I was thinking to myself, "You know, uhhhhh, people can do lots of things." So I want to correct that and say that... Rage won't break the Internet.


Won't break it, but if the thing needs to ship on three 360 discs, it's certainly going to bend it. id's Growing Pains [1UP]

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Not to endorse piracy or anything (Yarrrr!) but...

Most people have no trouble downloading a DVD9 ISO.

Plenty of people have no trouble downloading a 12gb compressed movie in 1080p.

And I'm sure there's lucky sots out there who have no trouble downloading a whole bluray ISO, or the full MPEG2 transport stream at 20-30gb...

So unless this game has to ship on its own 500gb SATAII HDD, I don't think digital distribution is going to be much of a problem. (Though yes, the combination of size, and number of people trying to DL it at once COULD theoretically 'bend'— but probably not break —the internet.)