As much fun as I've been having watching all of these Marvel superheroes come to life in Disney Infinity 2.0, not every child enjoys comic book characters. For those that don't, there'll be a Disney Infinity Toy Box Starter Pack starring an alien puppy and a Scottish princess

Leaked last week, this new set is all about the build-anything Toy Box mode of Disney Infinity 2.0. It doesn't feature any sort of adventure world for Merida and Stitch to play through — just the figures, a couple of adventure discs with themed mini-adventures and an outlet for your boundless creativity.


On the plus side, the Disney Infinity Toy Box Star Pack (2.0 Edition) will only run $59.99, as opposed to the $74.99 of the full Marvel set. Unfortunately it won't be out until November 4, giving you or your kids a month and a half to just cave and buy the Marvel set anyway.

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