Stephen Colbert Tries To Understand The Power Of Video Games

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Game designer Jane McGonigal tried to convince Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert yesterday that playing video games helps people to be more confident. He's got his unique way of interpreting things.

McGonigal argued that controlling an avatar even if just for 90 seconds can give someone a confidence boost for a full day. Stephen Colbert needs no confidence boost, of course. Maybe that's a result of a lot of gaming?


McGonigal is on a media tour for Reality is Broken, a book in which she talks about the potential for games (video and otherwise) to have positive effects on individuals and society.

The Colbert Report, February 3, 2011

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Can't say I like that guy's style all that much. I guess it's all scripted and he's just acting out, that's how most of these funny TV guys work (We've seen that when the writers went on strike), but I can't quite decide on whether he seems like an obtuse ultra-conservatist trying to pass his opinions in a humorous way, or whether his humor revolves around cynically sounding like an obtuse conservatist.

But that's a whole problem in its own. You can't parody fundamentalism. It's impossible unless you actually STATE it's parody in some way or another. Otherwise the more you try to make a joke out of it, the more credibility it gains. See [] about that. Yeah, remember that gang claiming EA's Spore was blasphemy against the real truth that is Creationism? The whole idea and website was merely a study of Poe's law (which I just described). I'm thinking it's playing a role in how I feel towards this TV show host.