Stephen Colbert Slams Madden's New Concussion Rules and the Dangers of Realism in Video Games

The Colbert Report tackled the latest innovation in Madden NFL 12 last night, with pseudo-conservative host Stephen Colbert—no stranger to video games—blasting EA Sports' "horrifying new feature" that sidelines Madden players suffering from concussions.


EA calls the new feature "another opportunity to create awareness" about the impact of head injuries on players, but Colbert has (unofficially) put the Madden maker on notice.


"We cannot let real-world consequences invade our mindless video games," Colbert warned during his most recent Threatdown segment. He underscored that opinion by highlighting the removal of mindless from games like Grand Theft Auto IV and his own "teachable moment" from Angry Birds.

Watch a clip of that segment above or see the whole thing at Colbert Nation below.

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ThreatDown - Superman, Madden NFL 12 & Glee [Colbert Nation]

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If Colbert is conservative, I'm the fucking Queen of England.

(For the record, and because some of you are, let's face it, a little thick—I'm not the Queen of England)