Step Inside The Wondrous World of Spirited Away With The Oculus Rift

Forget typical 3D movies. Using virtual reality, you can now strap on a headset and walk through famous scenes of your favorite movies—like say, Miyazaki's fantastical anime film, Spirited Away.

(If you're short on time, skip to about the 1:48 mark to see the relevant footage.)


The project is the work of Nick Pittom, and it's pretty faithful to the original movie. Here are some comparison shots:

(Click on 'expand' to see the full detail on these shots).

Pittom's recreation seems a bit more hand-painted and cel-shaded than illustrated, though. It looks pretty great in-motion, too, as you can see in the video by Cymatic Bruce.


The scene featured in the demo is from an early portion of the film, the boiler room of the bathhouse in Spirited Away—when Chihiro finds a six-legged spider spirit and soot sprites. Naturally, you view it all from her perspective—which means that when you look down, you see her body (and how nervous she must've been during the scene, since she's holding her own hand. Aww!) Very cool. I want to experience movies this way!

You can download the demo here, as well as check out more of Pittom's work. And it looks like Pittom's next project will be Studio Ghibli-related, too—My Neighbor Totoro, to be exact. I can't wait.


(Via Road To VR)

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