Steam Wants To Take On GameFAQs, Testing "Game Guides"

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Valve began rolling out a new Steam beta feature today: game guides. The aim is exactly what you're thinking it is.

Anyone can make a guide, and they'll be accessible on a game's "hub" page, as you can see above. You can upload images, embed YouTube vidos and rope in friends on your friends list to help out.

The fact it has images and video, is tapping into a passionate community and will be accessible form within Steam make this sound very cool. Hopefully it's not too long before people get cracking on them.


New Steam Community Feature Beta - Game Guides [Steam]

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People still use gamefaqs? It's been a while since I've ventured there since I find most games these days are pretty straightforward. Unless you're an achievement junky, most games just don't need it. Plus it takes away from the experience (unless you're about to chuck the game out a window in frustration). Closest I've come to looking something up online was when I was playing pid. That was a fun game lol