Steam Users Uncover Images Of Possible New Steam UI

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You might use Steam to play games, chat with friends, and in the future—if fate is kind—host your dream game that combines Warhammer and anime porn, but there are others who dissect it. They slice and dice in search of sweet, sweet information. Today, they found some.

As part of a new beta update to Steam, SteamDB uncovered a handful of assets connected to something called “SteamU.” Some users now suspect that means “Steam Universal” after they searched an account depicted in one of the images.


Here are the most interesting assets (in full size):


So the first is a new game library, and the second is likely a new take on game pages, albeit with assets from an old DOTA 2 event.


Now, these appear to be mock-ups, and a lot of the content is probably placeholder stuff. Still, it’s interesting to see tabs for apps, comics, and other media in addition to games. Given the amount of non-game stuff on Steam, it’s about time—you know, assuming it’s about time for this update to happen. It may well never see the light of day. It’s tough to say. I reached out to Valve, but they’ve yet to reply to my inquiry.

Shortly after Steam users uncovered all of this, Valve released another beta update that removed these files. You can still find everything SteamDB scraped from the update here, though.


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