Steam Sale Turns $0.99 Game Into Blockbuster

Q-Games, they of Pixeljunk fame, aren't exactly starving artists. They release games on most major platforms, and do pretty well both critically and financially. Especially after the latest Steam sale.

As a sign of just how important the platform - and especially its seasonal sales - can be to developers, Q's Pixeljunk Eden went on sale for $0.99 thanks to a community vote. And according to studio boss Dylan Cuthbert, thanks to this low price (and prominence within the store that went with it) in just eight hours Eden "made our income to date, again".


In other words, they made as much money in those eight hours as they had the rest of the year. Whether that's counting Pixeljunk's income as a whole, or just Eden's takings, either way, it's incredible.

Dylan Cuthbert [Twitter, via MCV]

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