Steam Offering $99 THQ (And Relic) Mega Bundle

'Tis the season for giving (if you're THQ), yeah, but 'tis also the season for receiving (if you're you). So why not take care of both impulses and treat yourself to the $99 THQ "Collector Pack" now for sale on Steam. You'll get 13 titles - including Company of Heroes, Stalker, Titan Quest and Dawn of War - for your trouble, at a saving of $120 on their current retail price. If that makes you whimper "too rich for my blood", there are two lesser packs that break the games up: the $60 "Action Pack", which gives you four army-dude-shooter games from the Collector Pack but only saves you $5, and the $50 "Relic Super Pack", which gets you the best games from the Collector Pack (ie Dawn of War & Company of Heroes, along with their expansions) at a $25 saving. [THQ Collector Pack]


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