Steam Game Turns Gabe Newell Into A Boss Fight

You think you can take on Gabe Newell? Good luck!

The GIF above comes from Crawl, a dungeon-crawling game where your friends play as the monsters. It’s not an April Fool’s joke, either. Gabe Newell is literally going to be in the game as a mini-boss of sorts. The game calls them “statues,” and according to the Crawl wiki, some of these statues try to kill the player.


“Yep, we have monster statues randomly distributed around the dungeon, so Gabe will be a rare statue—if he occurs, the ghosts race to jump in the statue and inhabit him, and the hero can’t exit the room until he or Gabe is dead,” Barney Cumming, a developer behind the game, told me via email.

You can view the entire GIF here:


“It’s fun putting these pieces of our real world story [in the game]—the way Gabe really becomes this mythical godlike figure for an indie start up, haha.”

What I like best about Newell’s inclusion in Crawl is the attention to detail—note how he pulls out knives? Real-world Gabe Newell also has an incredible knife collection, too.

Gabe is the second real-world character/organization included in Crawl. The first was none other than the IRS, which delayed Crawl’s release date with red tape.

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The fact that his hair and beard grow when he pulls out his knife is amazing. Kind of like he’s going super Gaben.