Steam Game Delayed Because Publisher Forgot To Press The Release Button

Sometimes video games are delayed because a team’s schedule was too ambitious, or because they need some extra time for polish. Other times, it’s because they forgot to press the button.

This Is The Police, a new strategy game, was supposed to come out today on PC but is now scheduled for Tuesday, August 2. Here’s Jan Binsmaier, publisher of the game, explaining why:

When releasing a game on Steam, you have to hit a button in Steamworks saying “ready for final approval from Steam”. Steam then proceeds to check the game, and makes sure it complies with their quality standards. Usually this approval process takes 2-5 business days, and you can not release the game without passing it.

We were responsible to hit that button and unfortunately we missed this window, as we realized it yesterday, i.e. too late for a July 28 release. We made a mistake and feel very sorry about it. [Developer] Weappy has nothing to do with this - it was just a personal mistake on our side.

Again: We are really sorry about that.

Buttons, folks. Gotta press them.


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