Earlier today, the Steam store featured a news item written by a developer claiming that the Half-Life 3 internal beta had been released. As you might've guessed, it was fakeā€”but anyone looking at Steam could see the "news."

The item is gone now, but people took screenshots, naturally. And here's the best/worst part: the trolling wasn't even intentional.

Imagine what it must've been like for a fan to log onto Steam, hop onto their news tab, to see that finallyā€”finally! There was some concrete Half Life 3 news! Heh, oh no. Oh, and...notice what the first letters in each of the updates spells out?

-Protected against memory editing

-Enhanced texture quality

-No longer crashes on exit

-In the first level of the second chapter, the game no longer crashes

-Solved the glitch where Alyx would get stuck on the conveyor belt

(Via Isaac McKeithen)