Stealth Game Continues To Push More Buttons Than I Knew I Had

Klei made 2012's best stealth game in Mark of the Ninja, so the fact their next game Incognita is also about sneaking - only this time with the squad mechanics of a game like XCOM - is exciting.


This new clip gives us a long, good look at Incognita's gameplay, especially how the different teammates abilities can help back each other up on a heist.

If you want to stop looking and play the thing, well, preorder customers can now get early access.



Won't lie, the trailer made me wanna buy the crap out of this game. I love the art style, which is consistently good in all their games, but this time the music is really grabbing me as well.

The video does show a good deal of gameplay, but I actually had to pause a few times to see how everything is working, but I guess the speed of the trailer matches the music. I really like the interface, it's clean like X-COM: Enemy Unknown, if not a bit more stylish.

I'm looking forward to hearing more on how information gathering effects missions.