Stationary Arcades May Be Dead, But What About One On Wheels?

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With video arcades on the wane, a Florida couple are trying a different approach to public gaming: Packing an arcade's worth of games into a van that can be rented out for parties.


Games2U vehicles have flat screen TVs installed both inside and outside the vehicle, allowing up to 20 people to game at a time. The set ups, depending on the franchise and where you live, includes Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 titles.

The set-up also includes the ability to rent giant hamster balls and laser tag systems.


I like the idea, but I would love it if they actually carted arcade games around to parties. Or better still, like a huge stage that unfolds with fog machines, pyro effects and a stage to play Rock Band or Guitar Hero on. Oh... and groupies, totally need groupies.


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If one more person whines that "...arcades would come back if they didn't want so much $$$ to play..." I'm barring the doors from the outside and setting the place on fire, seriously.

You want to complain about a buck a play? When YOUR FATHER and I were pumping quarters into Pacman, Defender, and Space Invaders, the Japanese were paying 100 yen a play. And guess what? It hasn't changed much since then AND arcades are still alive there.


Operating an arcade in the US was a losing game from the outset because of the low price. After the arcade crash began and consoles were on the rise, operators started raising prices to what would actually keep their heads above water, but guess what? We were too used to the low prices.

And kids these days can't see the forest for the trees, they're so fixated on money that all they can do is go "Why should I pay a dollar to play this for a couple minutes, when I can pay $45 and play it all I want at home?" but where's the social experience? That's what arcades are; a place to socialize and play games, and not just with your friends.

You will never know the pressure and exhilaration of a friendly game against someone you don't know, turning into something a dozen people are watching breathlessly. Go play Counterstrike or something, you're already dead.