State of Decay's Military-Themed DLC Sounds Good To Me

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I'm a big fan of State of Decay, the little zombie game that could. I didn't get into it until a few months after it came out, but it quickly became one of my favorite games of 2013. We're finally getting a bona fide expansion, and it sounds cool.


Late last week Undead Labs shared some new information on State of Decay: Lifeline, the second DLC for the game. In Lifeline, you'll take control of a military unit sent into the (new!) city of Danforth during the height of the zombie outbreak to rescue some scientists. Standard stuff, but not when you consider State of Decay's particular brand of desperate, simulation-based survival.

I was particularly intrigued by this bit:

This is at the height of the initial crisis. You still have a chain of command and access to off-map support, but the voices over the radio are making it clear that things are rapidly breaking down.

So what you end up with is the inverse of the usual progression. Instead of starting with nothing, and slowly building yourself up into a post-apocalyptic powerhouse, you start the game as a well-equipped, well-supported military unit, and then must learn to improvise as one resource after another is depleted…and isn't coming back.

Verrrry eeehnnnteresting. It doesn't take much to make me want to go play more State of Decay—writing this article has pretty much done the trick—and Lifeline sounds like a more than suficient reason to go back. Crack open a cold one for me, Lily.


Joakim Jonsson

State Of Decay was fun. But I always feelt like it could have been harder. I lost 2 survivors during my entire first time playing the game, and on my second it just doesn't seem it's gonna happen. The whole tactic of building a secure base wears of it's charm once you feel it doesn't really put you at risk not keeping it fully optimized. I would really like hard mode that makes the game more rogue like.

Speaking of, did that first DLC make the game more hard? I heard mixed reviews about it. Would really like to try it if it works kinda like that.