Start Your Day The Saints Row Way

Aah, morning. Such a lovely time of day, when the world feels new and possibilities are endless. I usually start the day by having some coffee and reading the news. That's how I start my day in real life, anyway. In Saints Row: The Third, I tend to start things with a little bit more… immediacy.


As I have already said, I think that Saints Row: The Third is a riot of a good time. I'll be doing a full review of the game later this week, but for now I wanted to share some videos to show you guys what this game is all about.

Many games contain what I've started thinking of as "encapsulating moments," in that they're a single moment, sequence, or level that pretty much sums up the game in its entirety. Hanging from a gargoyle in Arkham City? Encapsulating moment. The train sequence in Uncharted 2? Encapsulating moment. The feeling of relief when you take the Duke Nukem Forever disc out of your console? Encapsu... okay, you get the idea.

Saints Row: The Third is pretty much a game made of encapsulating moments. The one in this video is perhaps the most encapsulating of them all, in that it's how I start each day in Steelport. (I should note that there is a fair amount of screen tearing in the video, and while tearing definitely exists in Saints Row 3, it's not usually so noticeable. I suspect something is up with my video capture cable.)

Aah, smell that morning air! Take in that scenic view! Okay, let's base-jump into a sprinting old-guy suplex and then go destroy some things.

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person mcpersonface

Not expecting a true GOTY contender, but it's looking more and more like this will be the most fun game I'll play this year.

Is it necessary to play the first two games? Or can I just jump right into the mayhem with The Third?