PewPewPew - This replica Starhawk gun was being shown off under a plexiglass case at Sony's New York event today. (Photo by Brian Crecente)

Wing Commander-Inspired Space Combat Game In the Works

A team of Austin developers are working on a new space combat sim inspired by the likes of Wing Commander, Star Wars: TIE Fighter and Descent: FreeSpace – The Great War.
Seamless Entertainment tells Kotaku that they hope to reinvigorate the dying space combat simulation genre with SOL: More »


Is It Wrong That This Game Makes the BP Oil Spill Fun?

The latest diversion from the people behind cute, addictive iPhone games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope has you fighting an evil conglomerate (initials BP) accused of mining the earth's riches and destroying the environment.
In Blopster you control a cartoonish bit of red liquid tasked with... More »


The Wii U Has One Big Problem, But Still May Be the Signature Gaming Console of Our Times

I haven't held a Wii U in more than a month. I hadn't even watched videos of myself playing it. But I just watched a bunch, as I tried to make sense of what Nintendo is trying to accomplish with its next big video game machine and as I endeavor to figure out just how much danger they're getting... More »


The Next Big Racer From the Folks Behind Trials HD

Racing—real racing—is all the line, finding the best approach to a turn, the best route through a curve and into a straight away.
iPhone and iPad game DrawRace 2 is also all the line: More »


Full Body Burnout Crash Is More Fun Than It Sounds

Burnout Crash seems to be a wonderful party game, the sort of title you pop on and pass and play with a group of rowdy friends. That it includes Kinect support only makes the experience better.
All three of Burnout Crash's game modes has you controlling a car viewed from above. More »


You Know What Would Make an Awesome Video Game Documentary?

Commenter GiantBoyDetective has the drive, the limited resources, and the low-cost manpower to create the ultimate low-budget video game documentary. More »


Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Brings Twelve New Fighters at a Budget Price

This November Capcom fighting fans will feel the vengeance of Ghost Rider, the sting of Hawkeye's arrows, the fury of Firebrand, and the sexy skill of Strider, four of twelve new characters joining the battle in Ultimate Marvel Vs. More »

Anomaly Warzone Earth is One of the Hottest iPad Games Yet

We loved, loved Anomaly Warzone Earth when it came to the PC. What's to stop us from loving this backwards tower defense game when it hits the iPad and iPhone?
Due out in the coming weeks, Anomaly Warzone Earth is an anomaly of a tower defense game. More »



Gears of Wars 3 Gets Its Own Damn Throat Mic and Headsets

When the guy on the other side of your multiplayer game runs a chainsaw attachment for the umpteenth time, you're going to want to make sure he hears what you call his mother clearly and succinctly. More »


Rope Rescue: Call It Cut the Birds, or Maybe Angry Rope

I saw a Chillingo game at Electronic Arts' fall preview event last night that featured colorful, cartoon birds in peril and ropes that could be cut.
It wasn't a sequel to Cut the Rope or Angry Birds, but it certainly—perhaps accidentally—seems to be riding on the coattails of those... More »

The PlayStation Vita is Smaller Than You Think

This is a PSP 2000. Hiding under it is a PlayStation Vita. An actual Vita, not a fake one.
The Vita was running Hot Shots Golf, but you can't see that. More »



How Blatantly Does the New Spider-Man Trailer Rip Off Mirror's Edge?

The new Spider-Man movie trailer is cool. It's also a bit familiar to those of us who played and enjoyed the 2008 video game Mirror's Edge. How similar? More »

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