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You Can Get One Of Starfield’s Best Spacesuits Super Easily

The Mark I Spacesuit is a great early-level fit that’ll make your treacherous journey a bit easier

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Since Starfield is a massive open-world spacefaring RPG, there’s plenty to do and see, but equally much you can miss if you aren’t paying attention. One easily overlooked item is a goated spacesuit that’s locked behind a glass case. However, if you’re sly and tricky enough, you can obtain it very early on.

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As you start the story, you’ll quickly find yourself among the ranks of Constellation, a ragtag artifact-hunting group searching for the universe’s answers. Located in New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system, The Lodge serves as the troupe’s headquarters where you can take on missions, chat with members, and use the facilities (like work benches to upgrade your guns and suits). At the bottom of The Lodge, though, is a top-tier spacesuit pining to fall into your hands.


How to get Starfield’s Mark I Spacesuit

The Mark I Spacesuit might be a common piece of gear within Starfield’s rarity categories (which includes rare, epic, and legendary items), but don’t let its gray name-coloring dissuade you. This suit is amazing!


To get it, you gotta make your way down to The Lodge’s basement via an accessible set of stairs behind a couple double doors. Once you make it to the bottom floor of the building, you’ll navigate through the basement—left, right, left—until you reach what essentially looks like a storage room with a covered couch, some boxes, and other junk. But in the back-left corner sits the spacesuit behind a Master-level locked hexagonal glass case. Guess what? You don’t need to pick this lock; not that you could anyway, since you would need to level up the Security skill to at least rank three, which lets you attempt to bust Master-level locks.

Instead of wasting digipicks to hack the lock (if your Security skill is leveled up to at least rank three) or just walking away, you could use a glitch to sorta-kinda peer through a crack in the case and snatch the Mark I Spacesuit with no hassle. That’s right: Tricking the game by placing the reticle at the right corner of the glass will let you “open” the mannequin the suit rests upon. And open it you should, because the suit has some really solid stats, far better than most anything else you’ll find in Starfield’s early goings.

The Mark I Spacesuit—consisting of a helmet, pack, and suit—features great defenses against physical, energy, and EM (electromagnetic) damage. Similar to the infamous Mantis spacesuit and Razorleaf spaceship, its perks might randomize when you find it, so it could provide additional reduction against energy and explosive damage, increases to carrying capacity, and increases melee damage. Not bad.


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So, there you have it: An amazing spacesuit you can pick up super early to really create an OP build, all the better for beelining for the legendary Razorleaf spaceship.


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