Stare Longingly At This Xbox One Educational Video

This video is great. Not for the content, the parts where heads are talking. But the parts where heads are not talking.


What should be a video where we all learn about the fantastic new things Microsoft is doing with Xbox Live for the Xbox One instead becomes a video that should have been called Xbox Community Strategist Eric Doty Staring At People Answering Interview Questions.

That or Eric Doty Occasionally Nods While Camera Unnecessarily Focuses On Him Even Though He's Not Asking Real Interview Questions.


Seriously, poor guy. The editing on this clip is awful. Don't show him enduring what I'm sure was an awkward day at work; show footage of the stuff you're talking about!


If you want to cheer Eric up, you should check out his game Troubadour, which was at this year's PAX, and will be out next year on PC and Mac.

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