Stardock Sending Out Demigod Apology Coupons

Stardock has begun distributing the promised apology coupons, entitling players who've purchased the previously problem-riddled real-time strategy game Demigod to a second copy at 50% off.

Now that the vast majority of their networking issues have subsided, Stardock is making good with their promise of discounts on additional copies of Demigod. If you've picked up a copy and registered it, you might want to keep an eye on your email, as the coupons are only good for a limited time.


As a token of our appreciation to our customers who have waited patiently while we've addressed the on-line multiplayer difficulties, we present you with this 50% off coupon on purchasing a second copy of the digital version of Demigod for your friends or family. This will only be valid until early next week so this would be a good time to use it.

Now how much would you pay (duh, half price)? But wait, there's more! Next week Stardock is sending out another round of apology coupons, this time good for 20% off any game available on their Impulse platform, with the promise of more coupons for regular Demigod players in the future.

It's just Stardock's way of saying that they're sorry, and if you stop playing Demigod you'll be missing out on future bargains. It's a devious sort of apology, isn't it?

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