StarCraft II Mod Lets You Play As... Drunk Dwarves

It’s made using StarCraft II’s map editor, but the only things that reminds us of StarCraft in Dwarven Combat are the floor tiles and maybe the chat. Everything else is based around dwarves (who are drunk, of course) fighting each other.


Dwarven Combat is a smart little arcade game in StarCraft II made by a modder called Pirate. A maximum of six players can fight with each other in a battle arena (that looks like some of the instances in WoW’s Blackrock Mountain) filled with lava, traps and monsters. Sounds like a fun party game people can play between long and exhausting StarCraft matches.

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Cool to see that a Starcraft II Arcade map is being featured by Kotaku!

This map was made for the “Rock the Cabinet 2015" contest, which had a fantasy theme. Blizzard added all of the models and sound effects from Warcraft III to the Starcraft II editor a while ago, so that helped a lot to have some fitting assets.

Some players went even further and used assets from World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games, which is allowed since it’s all from the same company.
It’s similar to how content from any Valve game is allowed for a Source Filmmaker contest. As long as it’s an IP from the same company, anything goes.

There have been quite a few entries for that contest, and there’s currently a vote going on for the Top 10. So there’s plenty more where Dwarven Combat came from!

PS: You can play any Arcade game even with the Starter Edition of Starcraft II (free version), so no need to even buy the game to play those! Only a account is required.