The release of StarCraft II may be another umpteen months away, but hardcore LEGO fans aren't missing out on any fun. Take this lovely looking Protoss Immortal unit, for example, rendered perfectly in plastic brick.

It's just one of many fantastic LEGO recreations of StarCraft II units that very few have played with, but are currently obsessing over. Matt "Pepa Quin" de Lanoy has gone to expert, perhaps obsessive, lengths to build nigh-perfect bricked versions of the Terran's Marines, Banshee and Hellion, all of which we want to recreate, then play with on the carpet at Kotaku Towers West.

We'd be all "Pyew! Pyew! You're dead!" with the Immortal, then the Marines would be all "Tssss!" with their Stim Packs and like "No, you're dead! Kabooosh!" Or something.

Starcraft II [Flickr via The Brothers Brick - thanks, Jake!]