StarCraft II Legend "MC" Retires

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Korean Jang Min-chul (a.k.a. MC) is one of the most consistent pro players in StarCraft II. Make that was, because he announced on Twitter that he’s retiring. He’s not just skilled, but has been a very entertaining personality (a rare thing to have in esports). So, this announcement is a quite the shock.


MC rightfully deserves the title “legend”. He switched from Brood War to StarCraft II back in 2010 right after the game came out and quickly became one of the first stars of its growing esports scene. There was no premier tournament, whether it was the GSL in Korea or the MLG nin the US, without MC being in the top three, beating everyone with the Protoss. He also won the most prize money of StarCraft II players (not counting Brood War): a grand total of $492,485.

Here are a few examples below why he was such a valuable member of the StarCraft community. Boring tournaments with MC hanging around quickly became entertaining:

But he wasn’t just a funny guy. He could win huge Korean tournaments with the Protoss when everyone thought it’s the weakest race. Here are a few good examples of him hammering his opponents:

So whatever’s next for him, GLHF! And hope he’ll be back for Legacy of the Void. That’s the Protoss expansion after all.


Top photo: KEVIN CHANG / Team Liquid

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