StarCraft II Beta Planned To Last 4 To 6 Months

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Dustin Browder, lead designer on StarCraft II at Blizzard, says that the team is planning to have a publicly playable beta for the game that runs about "four to six months." When that would go live, Blizzard still isn't saying.


But considering that we're already six months into 2009, a four to six month beta period is kind of cutting it close, if the game has any intentions of shipping this calendar year. Granted, Blizzard hasn't officially committed to that, but StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is the company's best bet for a "front line release" this year. So... will it ship this year?

"It's getting there," Browder said, adding "We can still make four!"

While what we played at Blizzard's recent hands-on felt beta ready to us, we're obviously not calling the shots. Browder says that StarCraft II needs to be in the best possible shape before it gets its beta coming out party.

"Beta is extremely distracting for us," he said. "We're playing. We want to see what other people are doing. We need to fix bugs right now. The minute beta goes out, we lose a lot of efficiency."


"So, we don't want to be in beta for nine months."

Hey, neither do we!


Matthew McPherson

I can see why competitive Starcraft got so big in Korea as I watched a match that was posted on Kotaku last week. It is quite thrilling to watch the thrust and parry of a good battle. The commentators also, while annoyingly American Commentatorish, are clearly quite into it as well and know their stuff.

Oh yes, hopefully since this will be near the top

To apply for the Starcraft Beta:

1. Go to [] and sign up for one of the new accounts if you haven't already got one. If so, skip to step 3.

2. Register your Blizzard games with this account, anything from SC1 to WC3 to WoW will do.

3.Once you have a game registered, click the Beta Preferences option.Download the utility and let it have a quick scan of your hardware specs.

4. Upload the results and begin waiting.

5. Keep waiting.