Star Wars: The Old Republic, Force Unleashed Toys High On Hasbro's Wish List

Lucasfilm isn't shy about diving deeply into Star Wars lore to churn out plastic toys based on the people, starships and beasts of George Lucas' universe(s). But what about turning those Star Wars video games into action figures?

Sounds like two upcoming video games could be ripe for Lucas exploitation. According to a Q&A at Star Wars toy fan site Galactic Hunter, Team Hasbro is keen on making action figures based on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and BioWare's MMO The Old Republic.


"Our dream is to have The Force Unleashed II and Star Wars - The Old Republic figures in the lineup," Hasbro says. "Since we have yet to start 2012, the latter is a likelihood, but for now these great videogame figures remain a wish."

Of the many, many Star Wars video games, how many of them have been rendered in plastic 3 3/4" form? As a lapsed Star Wars action figure collector, I'm asking you, hoping for an answer.

Hasbro Star Wars Q&A - Answers From 6/4 [Galactic Hunter via SuperPunch]

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